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1. LOVE First off this is a place to love on these two fierce ladies, so NO bashing on either Ashley or Kristen will be allowed. Haters to the left, you know Ash and Kris won't tolerate bullshit, and neither will we ;)

2. POST POST POST anything goes so long it relates to Kristen and Ashley and any of their projects together!

3. COMMENT We want this community to be active and fun and that's up to you! So don't be shy and comment away!

4. OT POSTS these types of posts will be allowed but please keep it interactive! Also no personal posts please, this isn't your personal journal :)

5. BE LADIES Respect each other! We are all here to have fun so keep it civil and just love each other:)

6. MEMBERSHIP IS MODERATED Just comment and let us know that you would like to join :)

7. PAGE A MOD If anyone encounters any problems, please page one of your mods: sarahkate24, victoria188, or ooohjoy
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